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Afton Village
360 Exchange St. - Suite 111
Concord, NC 28027

Hours:  Mon.-Thurs. 7:00am - 7:30pm
Fri. & Sat. 7:00am - 8:30pm • Closed Sunday
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All cakes are special order,  All cakes are baked from scratch in
order to insure you get the cake you want.Ò

3 round layers of  chocolate, vanilla, red velvet or marble cake,
filled twice with Chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese filling.
6”, 8”, 10”, 12” - Please call for prices

Sheet Cakes
Fondant and decorative decorations are extra.
                  One layer        Two Layers (filled)
1/4 Sheet       Call                      Call
1/2 Sheet       Call                      Call
Full Sheet      Call                    Call

Cannoli - Triple layered yellow cake filled with cannoli filling,
coated with whipped cream

Italian Rum Cake - Triple layer rum soaked sponge cake filled
with pastry cream and cannoli filling, coated
with whipped cream, toasted almonds and cherries

Italian Cream Cake - Triple layer sponge cake filled
with coconust and almond filling, coated
with cream chease frosting, coconut and toasted almonds

Tiramisu Cake 
and coated with a mocha frosting

Charlie's Cake - Triple layer of our deepest darkest chocolate
cake filled with chocolate ganache and marshmallow cream
filling, coated in ganache

Carrot Cake - Triple layer moist carrot cake with cream cheese

Coconut Cream Cake - Triple layer of our decadent coconut
cake, layered with coconut cream, coated with whipped cream
icing and coconut

German Chocolate Cake -  Triple layer chocolate cake with our
special coconut pecan filling, coated with chocolate frosting

Chocolate Raspberry Dream - Triple layer chocolate cake with
raspberry filling,  

Strawberry Madness - Strawberry cake and filling with whipeed cream

Choco Mocha - Chocolate cake mocha frosting

Monkey Bars - Banana cake, banana cream pudding whip cream

Cookies and Cream - Vanilla cake with cookie crumbles, vanilla
frosting with crushed chocolate cookies, choice of frosting or whipped cream

Luscious Lemon - lemon cake with lemon frosting

Original Crumb Cake - Our special dough topped with thick
crown of melt in you mouth cinnamon crumbs and dusted with
powdered sugar.

Banana Crumb Cake - Moist banana cake with crumb topping,
and drizzled with chocolate

Chocolate Crumb Cake - Chocolately cake with a hint of coffee
with chocolate crumb topping, and drizzled with chocolate
Red Velvet, vanilla, chocolate stocked daily
other flavors by request.
Special Order - Minimum of 6 per flavor.  Fondant cupcake
decorations start at 50¢ depending on decoration time.

Mint Chip, Oreo, Raspberry Dream, Almondelicious, Ding-
Dough, 24 Karrat, German Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream,
Monkey Bar, Cookies & Cream, Neapolitan, Snicker Doodle,
Nutty Buddy, Smores, Boston Cream, Cookie Monster, Sweet
Salty & Nutty, Salted Carmel, Rockey Road, Black Forrest,
White Chocolate Crazy, Velvety Smooth

Italian Cream - Filled with Italian pastry cream, covered with
toasted almonds, and coconut

Tiramisu - Sponge cake filling with tiramisu

Black Bottom - chocolate cupcake with a cheesecake center

Peanut Butter -Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter, and
topped with chocolate and peanut butter

Coconut Cream - Vanilla cake filled with coconut cream, topped
with coconut

German Chocolate - Chocolate cake topped with chocolate
frosting and German chocolate filling

Carrot Cake - Fresh carrot flavored cake with cream cheese

Chocolate Covered Strawberry - Chocolate cake with
strawberry filling, topped with strawberry frosting dipped in

• New York • Strawberry • Chocolate • Raspberry
• Lemon  • Ultimate Brownie • Toasted Almond
• Triple Chocolate Fudge• Oreo Explosion • Turtle
• Tiramisu • Red Velvet • Apple Pie • Others on request

tiered cakes
All tiered cakes start at $3.50 a serving. Includes your choice of
Red Velvet,  Chocolate, Vanillyl or marbled. Finished with butter
cream. Addition charge for fondant decorations. Full fondant
covered cakes, piping work charges will be determined by time
involved an design. All special shaped cakes and carved cakes
start at $4.85 per serving.