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Pastry Tray
Includes an assortment of mini pastries, cannolis, eclairs, cream puff napoleons tiramisu, rainbow cookies, fruit tarts, mini cakes, pies, and brownies.
SMALL serves 10-12 ppl (approx 22 pcs.)
MED serves 18-20 ppl (approx 42 pcs.)
LARGE serves 25-30 ppl (approx 57 pcs,)

Italian Cookie Tray
Assortment of Italian butter cookies, jelly and chocolate filled finger cookies, rainbow cookies, sprinkle butter cookies, mini black and whites, assorted biscotti, anise cookies, wedding cookies, and pignolli cookies.
1lb. serves 8-10 ppl (platters range in size from
2-5 pounds)

Cupcake Tray
Assortment of cupcakes with 4 flavors of your choice to include: red velvet, chocolate/chocolate, chocolate/vanilla, vanilla/vanilla, vanilla/chocolate, lemon, mocha, or strawberry.
2 dz standard cupcakes
4 dz mini cupcakes

Assorted Dessert Tray
Assortment of mini cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cream horns, cakes, and specialty cookies.
1lb. serves 8-10 ppl

Brownie Tray
Assortment of mini turtle, oreo, peanut butter, German chocolate, and chocolate chip brownies, and blondies.
Tray of 24
Tray of 50

Breakfast Tray
Assorted muffins, danish, scones, seasonal breakfast bread, banana crumb cake, mini cinnamon bun, mini pecan sticky bun, and mini bagels. Includes coffee. Set up with condiments, serving utensils, paper, and plastic ware.
(12 person minimum)

Standard Cookie Tray
Assortment of chocolate chip, candy coated, sugar, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, cranberry white chocolate, double chocolate chip, and brownie bites.
SMALL serves 8-10ppl (approx 1lb.) .
MEDIUM serves 15-18 ppl (approx 2lbs.)
LARGE serves 20-24ppl (approx 3lbs.)

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